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Welcome to the Communication Program

The Communication Program at CSC provides an environment where students have the opportunity to learn, experience, network, and flourish. Students will gain the skills and knowledge to thrive in the fast-growing fields of public relations, journalism, and interpersonal communication. The Communication Program aims to equip students with skills for lifelong learning and success in future careers. Students have the opportunity to gain hands-on experience through the Public Relations Club, The Big Event, The Eagle, Chadron State College’s student-run newspaper, and internships. Our faculty have expertise in a variety of areas including interpersonal, public relations, journalism, media studies, and international media, and work closely with students in courses, projects and clubs. Communication at CSC provides an environment where students have the opportunity to network with faculty and professionals. If you are considering a career in the Communication field, please contact us. Thank you for choosing Communication as your home!

Mission Statement

The Communication Arts program helps students gain tools for life-long learning and for developing more meaningful and effective voices in the ongoing conversation of our communities and our culture.

We seek to accomplish our mission through an active program of communication study, practice, and research.

The Eagle
The Eagle staff puts the finishing touches on its February 2016 special-edition coverage of the Rocky Mountain Athletic Conference Championships hosted by CSC. From left are copy editor Evan Brooks, senior of Ontario, California; Opinion Editor Janelle Kesterson, junior of Bridgeport; Managing Editor Jordyn Hulinsky of St. Paul; copy editor Jay Feltson, of Saginaw, Michigan; and Photo Editor Sara Tweet of Crawford. Photo taken by Michael D. Kennedy

Student Testimonials


"The Communications Department at CSC prepared me well for the working world in so many regards. I was able to collaborate with actual businesses on projects, I had three hands-on internships, participated in two summer study abroad programs, and built a portfolio to show to potential employers. I stepped off campus after graduation with the confidence and knowledge to jump start my career. The small class sizes allowed me to have meaningful relationships with my professors, which led to my success in the Public Relations industry and, additionally, my pursuit of a graduate degree a few years later. Many of whom, I still keep in touch with. To this day, I still rave about my undergraduate experience and would 100% recommend CSC Communications to anyone."

Kristi Ellstrom, MA Class of 2008
Promotions Specialist
Marketing Department
Box Butte Hospital


"The Communication program at CSC provided me with fantastic, hands-on verbal and visual storytelling experience that continues to benefit me in my daily life and work. The combination of faculty support, engaging curriculum, and research opportunities provided an excellent foundation on which I continue to build. I’m thrilled to have graduated from a high-quality and affordable institution that has prepared me so well and has furnished me with endless opportunities."

T.J. Thomson, Class of 2013
Doctoral Student
University of Missouri


"The Communication Department truly prepared me for the "real world." Between hands-on experience, caring professors who challenged me and wanted to see me excel, I felt a step ahead when entering the workforce. I wouldn't trade my CSC education and life-long relationships I created for anything in the world."

Cheyenne McGriff, Class of 2015
Wall Economic Development Director