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Residency Requirements

CSC Student

All first-year students (including transfer students in their first year of college) attending Chadron State College are required to live in the residence halls for a minimum of two semesters and through successful completion of 30 credit hours. "Successful completion" is defined as having achieved a passing grade in those thirty credit hours. Students that may be exempt from this requirement are:

  1. Married students.
  2. Single parents with custody of children.
  3. Students enrolled in exclusively online courses in the current semester.
  4. Part-time students enrolled in less than 12 credit hours in the current semester.
  5. Living with parents or legal guardians and commuting to campus. This requires that the parents or legal guardians live at the residence; ownership of property or living with another family member does not qualify for exemption.Commuting distance is defined as within 60 miles of Chadron State College campus.
  6. Transfer students beyond the 1st year of college who transfer 30 or more hours from an accredited college.
  7. Students 21 years of age or older as of the first day of the semester.

Students seeking exemption must fill out an off-campus application form, available in the Housing & Residence Life office, and have verification of exempt status from the director of housing prior to the start of the semester. Students found in violation of this policy will be charged room and board and may face additional sanctions.

All students living in the residence halls are required to participate in the food service program by purchasing a meal plan.

Meals are served Monday through Sunday in the Student Center cafeteria or the Eagle Grille. Payment options for room and board may be arranged through the Business Office. Specific policies pertaining to Chadron State College residence halls are included in the CSC Student Handbook and the Residence Life Handbook, which can both be found here and here. The Student Handbook, along with additional information and applications, may be obtained by contacting the Housing Office.

Under 17 Years of Age

According to Board Policy 3500, "A student must be at least seventeen (17) years of age to reside in College residence halls or housing." If you are under 17 at your time of enrollment, our office will work with you to get you housing on campus on or after your date of birth. Please contact the START office at 308-432-6060 with concerns about classes or enrollment.

International Student Tuition Waiver Policy

Please refer to the International Student Tuition Waiver Policy for further details.