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Student Senate

The Student Senate is the representative organization of the CSC student body. It is the “voice” of the students; to express student views and interests, to improve student welfare and ensure the continued existence of students’ rights. The Student Senate is composed of representatives from each academic school, representatives elected at-large representing the entire student body, Junior Senators, the President and Vice President. Elections are held each semester and are open to qualified students. Petitions and guidelines are available prior to elections throughout the campus or at the Student Senate office located in the Student Center. Any problems, complaints or questions may be voiced to a Senator at 432-6386.

Mathew Brust

Email: mbrust@csc.edu
Phone: 308-432-6446
Office: Math & Science 119

Susan Schaeffer

Email: susschaeffer@csc.edu
Phone: 308-432-6335
Office: Miller 124

Kurt Kinbacher

Email: kkinbacher@csc.edu
Phone: 308-432-6251
Office: Old Admin 214

Katrina Hurley


Email: katrina.hurley@eagles.csc.edu
Phone: 308-432-6386
Office: Student Center


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