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Comprehending the present is what history is all about. Its study is a fascinating and enjoyable discovery of how others, and ourselves, have arrived at the present. We study the past not to repeat it, but to understand how the knowledge of the past enriches our lives each day.

This knowledge is not only important, but also basic in an age of technology and globalization. History offers the depth of knowledge and breadth of background so important to a full life in a modern, civilized society.

Chadron State, through the Communication and Social Sciences Department, offers both a major and a minor in history, in addition to a subject endorsement. Students can take history courses in a host of topics, including the Pacific Rim, 20th Century American History, Canada, Latin America, Modern Germany, the American West, and American Indians.

The mission of the history program is to engender an informed, critical, and articulate sense of the past, an appreciation for the diversity of the human experience, and an awareness of the role of tradition, people, and past events in shaping the present. The two majors within the history program develop a variety of practical research and communication skills and provide a foundation for graduate work, teaching, archival and library services, the study of law, as well as careers in business and the professions.